From My Clients

The financial challenges at an emotionally difficult time were overwhelming and Linda Rossi helped me deal with them in a way that made my life easier and brought me peace of mind. Linda was always accessible to answer my questions and prompted me with helpful reminders of things that I had to do. In addition to her financial expertise, her calm low-key demeanor was an incredible comfort. I can recommend her with great enthusiasm and no reservations.
H.F.S., University Professor

I live in CA and my brother is in Manhattan. Almost two years ago it became clear that he could not manage his finances. So I thought I just needed a person to oversee that part of his life. That was wrong. What I learned was that there were any number of personal matters which also needed attention. And that these became more numerous over time.

If you need a skilled financial person, Linda Rossi can clearly fill that role. But I think you will discover, as I did, that what you really want is someone who is alert to the whole range of a client's needs and is willing to step in and deal with problems rather than telling you to find someone who will. I imagine that many financial people consider personal services "not part of their job." Not Linda Rossi. She thinks identifying and taking care of anything that threatens the well-being or comfort of her clients to be very much a part of her job. She is smart, absolutely trustworthy and honest. I feel fortunate to have found her.

Working with Linda has both educated me and organized me. When I began working with her, I felt overwhelmed by the decisions I had to make -- how to invest my 401K and a small inheritance, how to weed through the suggestions of financial institutions trying to sell me products I didn't fully understand, and how to save for my son's education while at the same time preparing for my retirement.

Educating me in the basics, Linda was never condescending or judgmental; rather, she was patient and supportive. Linda knows finances extremely well, but what she seems to love is seeing people gain independence. I value her approach, which is to give her clients the information and tools they need to eventually find their way through their own financial journey.

It's almost fifteen years since I began working with Linda. Sometimes years have passed and I haven't needed her services, but if I do, I know I can contact her and we'll resume our work. Linda understands and is respectful of my goals, and I trust that she has the expertise to help me reach them.
Prof A.M. Professor, Writer and single mother

Prior to working with Linda, my financial IQ as well as my ability to manage my income and savings properly was limited at best. After consulting with her on a regular basis my savings increased dramatically, along with my financial planning and knowledge! I now have established an emergency fund and retirement account and with Linda's assistance have begun building my investment portfolio... Linda's knowledge and expertise are invaluable; I highly recommend her services!
A.S. Actor/Producer

I can not recommend Linda enough! In just six months she helped me out of a financial hole of mismanaged credit cards and financial uncertainty. She was understanding, nonjudgemental and helped find a management method that worked for my brain and lifestyle. She was flexible about meeting in person or on the phone, and continues to help me improve my systems even though I no longer live in NYC. Now, I am saving money, in the know with what financial decisions I make and am advising others! I can not thank her enough!
M. C., Co-Owner Rock Steady Farm & Flowers, Urban Agriculture Consultant

Throughout the several years she has worked with our family, Linda has been able to interact with the various members of the family in a direct, matter-of-fact and understanding manner. She has a solid knowledge of the difficulties encountered by older individuals when they begin to lose their faculties and how to help other family members put things into perspective.
Dr. A.L., Psychologist

I have known Linda Rossi for 34 years. We worked together on Wall Street at E.F. Hutton & Co. in the '80s. -- Linda is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. In addition, she is honest, direct, and highly responsible. Her integrity is impeccable.

Linda helped me get beyond my fear about managing my own finances, both short- and long-term issues. I was one of many people who could deal with finances in general, or other people's finances, but would absolutely freeze up at the thought of even opening a bank statement. Linda handled me with respect, great care, and gently got me across that barrier to the other side where I can now manage things on my own.

I cannot recommend Linda highly enough!!