Financial Education For All

Linda was always accessible to answer my questions. In addition to her financial expertise, her calm low-key demeanor was an incredible comfort. I can recommend her with great enthusiasm and no reservations.

Linda Rossi founded The L.L. Rossi Company in 1987. Previously, she was with the E.F. Hutton Group, where she conducted marketing consulting assignments and, as First Vice President, directed the firm's business planning and analysis function. Prior to E.F. Hutton, Linda worked in new product development at General Foods, in economic consulting, minority business development and for a small town municipal government.

Since founding The L.L. Rossi Company, Linda has divided her time between consulting to large global companies in the US, Asia and Europe, and assisting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Along the way, thanks to her Wall Street background, her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and almost 30 years managing her own business, Linda found herself in an additional role -- helping individuals learn about and get control of their finances. She believes passionately that everyone should have some basic financial knowledge -- even those who choose to use professionals to manage their investments or do their taxes. So, she has dedicated herself to this new business, helping individuals with all aspects of their financial life.